Important Notice: Maintenance Dredging
Dear Ventura Keys Homeowners,
We want to keep you informed about the upcoming annual maintenance dredging in
Ventura Harbor. The City of Ventura and the Ventura Port District have been able to
work in concert with the US Army Corps of Engineers larger contract to do some
maintenance dredging within the Harbor. This creative and responsible option results
in numerous efficiencies and cost savings. Details on the work that will affect your
community is listed below.
Project Area: Pierpont Basin and Stub Channel (Ventura Keys Entrance)
Tentative Schedule:
• This Weekend: (Saturday 2/23 & Sunday 2/24)
o Dredge support boats will be laying pipe and setting buoys.
• Monday 2/25:
o The larger dredge will begin its work into the designated area.
o The Dredge will work from the Entrance into the stub channel area.
• Tuesday 2/26:
o The focused stub channel work will be during the daytime hours.
o Completion of the dredging project is expected by Tuesday evening.
Impact on Navigation:
• During this period, navigation out of the Ventura Keys may be hindered or
temporarily closed.
• Monday afternoon and Tuesday (daytime hours) are critical times when you
should plan accordingly.
• Boaters can contact the Harbor Patrol @ 805-642-8618 for assistance in
finding temporary berthing within the Harbor.
• Work in the stub channel or entrance to Ventura Keys will occur only during
daytime hours for this phase of the project.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this essential maintenance
work. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.
Thank you for being part of our Harbor community!
John Higgins, Harbormaster
Ventura Port District
Ventura Keys Dredging Info 2024