About Us

The Ventura Keys Community in beautiful Ventura, CA

Mission Statement of the Ventura Keys Association

The Ventura Keys Association is an association of homeowners, led by volunteers, whose goal it is to support the mission of the Association.

Our mission is: to encourage the most appropriate use of land for civil and community purposes, with particular emphasis on the development, promotion, and protection of the interests and welfare of the residential property owners and residents of the the Ventura Keys and adjacent nearby areas in the City of Ventura, County of Ventura, including those in other municipalities located in Ventura County.

History of the Ventura Keys

The property that is now the Ventura Keys was originally owned by the Mission of San Buenaventura in 1782. In 1841, in recognition of his service at the Presidio of Santa Barbara, Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado issued 2250 acres to the Raymundo Olivas Family. The property was called Rancho San Miguel. Mr. and Mrs. Olivas had 21 children. The next owner of the Keys area was Mr. Hobson who farmed beets and lima beans. Mr. Hobson’s grandson, Walter Hoffman, built an airport which was called Ventura Airpark with a runway running approximately from Pierpont Liquor on Pierpont Blvd. to Oyster Ave.

By 1964, the property was in the hands of John Klug, a developer from Newport Beach. The model homes were built on Peninsula, on and off of the water. Don L. Carlton was instrumental in the sale of the homes. When the channels for the water were dug, the dirt helped build the on and off ramps for the highway 101 which was being moved from Thompson Blvd. to its current location. Ken Birdsall was one of the builders of the Pacesetter homes in the Keys and is still building homes today. The waterfront property sold out in the first couple days at the grand opening in 1964. The ad in the L.A. Times said, “Right now you can purchase your own sea-side resort for as little as $31,950.00.” John Klug was so successful at selling the Pacesetter homes that he had a car in the Indy 500 called The Pacesetter. Another builder was Bill Vivitson. He built so many homes that he published a book on them.

There are about 300 homes on the water and about 400 homes off the water with just a few vacant lots left. There are also about 800 Washingtonia Robusta (Mexican Fan Palm) Trees, which are now 82 feet tall throughout the Keys. The Ventura Keys has an annual BBQ held around October every year at Big Beach. The BBQ is a great way to meet new neighbors and get reacquainted with neighbors you may have not seen in awhile. Look for posters and emails as the date approaches.

Board Members

All members of the Ventura Keys Association are volunteers who live in the Ventura Keys. Each Board Member brings a wealth of experience, understanding, and perspective unique to living in the Keys. With their impressive professional backgrounds, Ventura Keys residents are fortunate to have these volunteer Board members working diligently on their behalf.

2024 Officers

President: Molly Brennan
Vice President: Kim Castro
Treasurer: Kyle Stephens
Secretary: Trish Perez

Board Methmbers

Liz Augusta
Jeremy Darrow
Kathy Hammerand
James Harwood
Kami Marshall
Craig Posen
Carly Simpson
Tiffany Wilson