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Recommended Dues:  $250/year
Minimum Dues:          $100/year
Annual dues for being a member of the Ventura Keys Association is the best deal around.  When our Association began in 1969, dues were only $35 per year!  That is equivalent to $230 per year now.  We continue to keep your dues low and your property values high by drawing on the talents and volunteer actions of those who live and work in the Keys.  Please help keep our community strong and beautiful by contributing the recommended amount of $250 per year.  That is barely $20/month!  Aren't your property values worth it? 
Payments are due at the beginning of the calendar year.  Please click the link below to submit your payment via PayPal.  Alternatively, you may mail your payment to P.O. Box 1086, Ventura, CA 93002. 
The Ventura Keys Association thanks you for your membership!

Annual Membership Dues - Minimum - $ 100.00
Annual Membership Dues - Other - Amount $
Annual Membership Dues - Recommended - $ 250.00
This is the recommended level of contribution to help the Ventura Keys Association maintain its two beaches, Little Beach and Big Beach as well as the Keys front entrances off of Harbor.  The fees are also used towards insurance fees, landscaping costs, lighting, trash removal, utilities, maintenance and repair, website operation, legal compliance and accounting fees.
New Playground Donation - Amount $
The Ventura Keys Association is looking to install two new playground structures at Big Beach and Little Beach. The current estimate for both of these projects is approximately $50-75k.  If you would like your dollars to fund this project please make a one time donation.