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Recommended Dues:  $250/year
Minimum Dues:          $100/year
The Ventura Keys Association needs every property owner to pay their fair share of the costs to maintain our valuable community property.  To that end, the VKA Board is asking each property owner to pay at least $250 towards annual costs.  Your dues not only help support the cost of owning and maintaining the VKA common areas and facilities, but they also pay for items such as insurance, landscaping, lighting, trash removal, utilities, maintenance and repair, website operation, legal compliance, and accounting fees.
If you can pay more it would greatly help us move forward with much needed repairs!  If you cannot pay $250, please pay whatever you can, but no less than $100.  We are all so fortunate that our property values exceed one million dollars and that we do not have to pay monthly HOA dues. If everyone pays their fair share, we can preserve our special beaches and keep them enjoyable for our residents – not to mention protect our property values!
Payments are due at the beginning of the calendar year.  Please click the link below to submit your payment via PayPal.  Alternatively, you may mail your payment to P.O. Box 1086, Ventura, CA 93002. 
The Ventura Keys Association thanks you for your membership!

1. Annual Membership Dues - Recommended - $ 250.00
2. Annual Membership Dues (Other) - Amount $
3. Playground Fund Donation - Amount $
The Ventura Keys Association is looking to install two new playground structures at Big Beach and Little Beach. The current estimate for both of these projects is approximately $80k.  If you would like your dollars to fund this project please make a one time donation.