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  • chevron_rightAre my dues mandatory?
    Ventura Keys Association (VKA) is a voluntary homeowner's association.  As such, dues (minimum $100/year) are not mandatory.  However, if an individual chooses not to pay their dues, they are unable to enjoy any of the facilities owned by the VKA including the tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, beaches, playgrounds, dock, etc.  Additionallly, paying dues helps to ensure that our entrances remain welcoming to visitors, facilities are kept in good condtion, and our property values remain high. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I reserve Big/Little Beach?
    Big and Little Beach can be reserved for special gatherings by members of the Ventura Keys Association who are in good standing (dues are paid), and who have registered on the Ventura Keys Association website.  Please select "Reservations", enter your login information, then select which beach you would like to reserve.  Reservations are secured on a first-come first-served availability.