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Welcome to the Ventura Keys Association Website! 
Do you have an announcement to share?  Want to host a party at one of the beaches?  Need to pay your dues?  Interested in what's going on at the Board meetings? Check out the all of the new website functions to the left! 
(Please note that access to restricted portions of the website is granted once the website administrator has confirmed that dues are current.)
~ News ~
Annual Dues
Posted on Jan 29th, 2016 Comments (0)
Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2016...that means that membership dues are due.  Current membership provides you with access to all of the restricted areas of the website and allows you to enjoy the wonderful facilities owned by the Ventura Keys Association.  Pay your dues quickly and easily using the "Pay Dues" link to the left.  Be sure to look for your dues and board election packet in the mail as well.  Email us at if you haven't received it. 
Annual Meeting
Posted on Jan 29th, 2016 Comments (0)
Please join us 7pm on February 22nd at Pierpont Elementary School for our Annual Ventura Keys Association Homeowners meeting.  We will be providing reports of 2015 accomplishments, 2016 goals, and details on how dues are spent.  Special guests will also be present to provide updates on special projects that affect the Keys.   
Tsunami Preparedness
Posted on Jan 29th, 2016 Comments (0)
On the City of Ventura website ( you'll find helpful information and links to assist homeowners and businesses located within the Tsunami Inundation Zone. The Ventura County Operational Area Tsunami Evacuation Plan is available on this webpage, along with the Ventura County Emergency Planning Council letter sent February 2012.

Community members are encouraged to register for VC Alert to receive important email or text message notifications of warnings, advisories and emergencies. Please visit and register today, or call 805-648-9283 to register by phone.
Ventura Harbor Shoaling
Posted on Jan 19th, 2016 Comments (0)
The Harbor Entrance is experiencing strong currents, shoaling, and breaking waves within the channel.  We anticipate the two large surf events arriving in the next couple of weeks will further complicate this problem.  We are working with the US Coast Guard, Army Core of Engineers, and Manson Dredge to try to expedite dredging of the Harbor.  The Dredge is scheduled to arrive in the next couple of weeks if the weather and shoaling cooperate.   Once dredging begins the hazard should be quickly removed.
Crossing the entrance is extremely hazardous and only allowed by permission of the Harbor Patrol.  Non-Essential transiting is discouraged and nighttime crossing is by permission only.  Crossing without permission is a Federal Offense and can result in civil penalties by the US Coast Guard. 
Questions or Concerns can be directed to the Harbor Patrol @ 805-642-8618  or Marine Channel 16 or 12
Harbormaster John Higgins
Ventura Port District - Harbor Patrol
1603 Anchors Way Drive
Ventura, CA 93001
Office:  805-642-8618
Ventura Leash Laws
Posted on Jul 24th, 2015 Comments (0)
City and State law define where dogs are allowed and when they must be leashed.  There are specific restrictions to dogs on our local beaches.  The laws are noted here...
Business Directory
Posted on Apr 23rd, 2015 Comments (0)
Check out some of our new website sponsors and their valuable coupons under the Business Directory link.  Boatyard Cafe is currently offerring a free cup of Pete's coffee or freshly squeezed OJ with a breakfast purchase, M-F from 7am-9am!!!
Do you want to be a part of our new business directory? 
Stranded Sea Lions
Posted on Mar 24th, 2015 Comments (0)
It has been a record breaking year for sea lion stranding on the beach. You can help by ALWAYS bringing a leash when you walk your dogs. A dog's normal curiosity is very threatening to seals and sea lions. If you see a seal or sea lion trying to leave the water and get to shore, please let them. If people crowd the shoreline, get them to back up and make lots of room, so the animal can come on shore to rest. 
Tree Debris Removal
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2015 Comments (0)
If you need to report TREE DEBRIS, please contact the City of Ventura Tree Hotline:
805-652-4550  during work days (7am - 5:30pm weekdays; closed alternate Fridays)
805-667-6519  for after-hours non-emergency
For public tree hazards & emergencies after hours and weekends, call the Ventura Police Department:
805-650-8010  for hazardous, fallen public trees or tree debris in the street or on sidewalks needing immediate attention. 
Posted on Jan 10th, 2015 Comments (0)
Are you looking to throw a party?  Want to host a paddle-out?  Reserve your space for Big and Little Beaches now by selecting "Reservations" on the left.  Reservations can only be made by members in good standing who have registered on the Ventura Keys Association website.  Reservations are based on first-come first-served availability.   

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Annual VKA Meeting
Monday, February 22nd to Tuesday, February 23rd, 7pm at Pierpont Elementary
Annual Ventura Keys Association Meeting at Pierpont Elementary

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